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Cross-border e-commerce
  • Vkuo B2C e-commerce system is the most advanced and most complete e-commerce management platform standardization product in currently domestic. The supplier is in the resident mode, the independent management center of the merchant, the buyer SNS mode user center, and the platform commission settlement and after-sales service system are more perfectly explains the development model of e-commerce in the present and future. Full support for mobile platforms such as iOS\Android\WAP\ WeChat, the system supports the sale of virtual products, integrated O2O mode. The brand new technical architecture, brand new UI design, rich promotion system, system support MySQL and Oracle database, business assistant desktop software. The new functions have solved the common problems of promotion, Merchants and profitability of e-commerce enterprises from the root cause. The coexistence mode between supplier stores and platform stores greatly enriches platform products, and is the best choice for enterprises to develop platform-type e-commerce business.
  • The e-commerce system has cross-platform features and can run under various operating system environments such as Linux/FreeBSD/Unix and Microsoft Windows 2000/2003/2008/XP/NT. The Linux/FreeBSD operating system is recommended.